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Samantha Explains It All

Bringing Sassy Back Since 1985

18 April 1985
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Well, let's see...what is there to say about me? I am essentially a writer. I love to write all types of things, but I'm a slasher by heart, the rarer the fandom, the better. I don't write as much as I would like, but stories do get out of me once in a while. I also love to play around with photoshop, making wallpapers and such. I'm also an 80s child, so I love anything (mostly) that comes out of that decade. Some of my favorite things include: Superman, rare slash (duh), Stargate (both series) LotR, Firefly, Sean Astin, The Neverending Story, The Goonies, 80s buddy comedies, and obsessing over something new all the time. From there, I have no idea what else to say. Guess you'll just have to read on and find out. =)

My 40baisers table for Big Wolf on Campus:
001.one night stand 002.blurry 003.taste 004.between two fires 005.twilight
006.religion 007.language 008.exaggerated 009.heritage 010.desire to live
011.fairy tale 012.inconceivable 013.time passes 014.rum (alcohol) 015.childhood scars
016.investigate 017.therapy 018.backseat 019.stay with me 020.bring me down
021.health 022.chivalry 023.philosphy 024.paying dues 025.worthwhile
026.midsummer night 027.snow 028.better days 029.old fashioned 030.street smart
031.perception 032.neighbors 033.new friend 034.books 035.musical instrument
036.dance 037.that which is lost 038.cry 039.jealous 040.love

Some Photoshop Brushes I use can be found at:


"eternal sunshine" and "glitterati" at _claim_a_word_

Samwise Gamgee, Tom Bombadil, Bag End, The Legolas/Gimli drinking contest in the Return of the King film, Gollum's Song performed by Emiliana Torrini, The Steward of Gondor performed by Billy Boyd at arda_claims

Marriage is love.

World's Greatest Lover

SHMILY is Love

Bisexuality is Real.

Aaron/Christian is love

Stargate: Atlantis is gateroom orgy love

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